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Donor-Advised Funds

Supporting Compassionate Conservatism Through Donor-Advised Funds

Georgia Community Foundation supports philanthropists who believe that love of neighbor and personal responsibility, not government programs, hold the key to building a compassionate and sustainable society. Through its donor-advised fund program, GCF educates potential donors about the ability they have under federal tax law to contribute to GCF, take a current charitable income tax deduction, and retain the right to make recommendations to GCF regarding distributions from their donor-advised fund in support of charitable organizations or programs. GCF respects the knowledge that most donors have regarding the philanthropic areas they and their family members wish to support. GCF actively engages its donors in conversations regarding their philanthropic interests and the needs of their fellow Georgians. As requested by those creating donor-advised funds, GCF helps donors educate the next generation of family members about how to be effective philanthropists. GCF is proud of its efficient and cost-effective donor-advised fund administrative services and its track record of working well with a donor’s professional team, including tax accountants, estate planning attorneys, insurance agents, and investment advisors.  Since the inception of its donor-advised fund program, GCF has operated the program in a manner that conforms to all federal and state tax law and regulatory requirements.


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